Friday, 3 June 2011


I love candles, I light them for Scarlett and I also always light them for others.  They're sad though, from when I was brought up as a catholic they were always there for prayer and I still find them revervential.  Each to their own and if they believe in nothing, maybe that's why they don't care if they hurt other people to the point of breaking.  I really like the beat of that song and the general beat, I like it.  

I like this.  I can just spout anything and noone reads it, same as... lol.  I hope someone else does read this though.  This is me, and how I feel.  Family, means so much to me.  I've sat and cried so many, many nights over everything and I really shouldn't have had to.  It was my daughter that died, mine and my husband's.  Everyone else should have just been there for us, but there weren't. Why?  You can't brush over it and hope and we'll just "forget", if anyone thought that then they really want a slap, or a punch in the face...let's be honest.  

Give birth to a child, at full term, but let's pretend it didn't happen?!  No, not ever.  No matter what, that isn't happening.  Questions, I have many, everyone has their own answers but until they do I guess you make your own. I've tried...I guess I don't mean anything.  I don't matter.  Just like the nights I've spent crying over it don't matter either.  

Caring=showing that you care, what else is there?  If you don't show you care, or say you care or show it in any other way shape or form then how do you care?  Explain that?

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