Thursday, 26 May 2011


Cheese said...

Starting back, I'd been in and out of the MFAU (maternal fetal assesment unit) for lack of movement for a while. She always picked up though. Maybe they should be more pro active. Especially with a baby with an unstable lie and not wait until the last minute to do anything.

Hours earlier my little girl, Scarlett Niamh, would have been born alive; by whatever means. I don't care how she was born as long as she would have been alive. I'd been in and out of hospital with worries of lack of movement and more but nothing was picked up.

She had an unstablie lie, I'm not blaming anyone right now but I can't let go of the fact that they knew there were something wrong but did nothing. She was breech one week and head down the next, and it was very varied. Why didn't they just pull her out of me? If they had at 36 weeks then at least she'd be alive, even if in scbu like Caitlin was when she was 36 weeks.

Rather a baby in scbu for a week than a dead one, not really much of a choice there though is there?

I can remember so many details, yet I still think of more that will never happen. Not ever. Thinking of her here with us now, at nearly 6 months, what would she be doing now?


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